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Privacy & Security


To meet the needs of our customers infoKube has designed its computer systems to focus on two major issues; data integrity and information security.



Information Security


To ensure information on our systems is secure we use state of the art physically secure data server facilities and all data sent to our system via the internet is encrypted. Wherever possible all data is encrypted on the servers and all data is protected by state of art firewalls and anti-hacking systems.


To ensure privacy of data any information held by infoKUBE is only viewable by authorised personnel and all infoKUBE employees are vetted to the highest standards.



Server Infrastructure and Integrity


To ensure the best service levels and resilience infoKUBE has invested heavily in a multi-server infrastructure that provides the highest level of availability.



Data Security


The security of data, both in transit and when stored is an increasing priority for individuals and businesses alike. The collection and storage of information is secured using various methods and levels of encryption.


For specific information about the privacy policies used by our services please visit the products own site where additional details can be found.


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