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At infoKUBE we understand your school’s needs and also the busy schedule that teachers have to follow. Therefore, we want to take the pressure of your school website out of your hands. With our smooth set up process and easy to use editing system, your website will be the least of your problems.


Our aims are your aims. Whether you want your website to target current parents, students, prospective parents or a general target audience, we will make this happen. Building relationships via the website with parents and children is a key target. The best way to make this happen is to keep the website up to date and give the audience a reason to return on a regular basis.


We aim to please you as our clients. Our expert designers/developers combined have years of creative experience and will provide you with a website you can be proud to showcase with all of the interactive features we offer.


We will help you truly represent your school and become compatible with Ofsted requirements.

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